Abstract Submission
Original researches in the field of Nutrition and Dietetics will be evaluated. Abstracts can only be submitted online at www.bdk2020.org Abstracts sent by fax, e-mail or post will not be accepted.

Abstract Rules

1. All abstracts accepted as oral or poster presentations will be published in the congress book.
2. Authors submitting papers are required to register to the congress. The format of the presentation may be changed by the “Abstract Evaluation Committee“.
3. Abstracts should include the purpose, methodology, results, and conclusions of the study. These sections must be entered in the related fields in the submission form.
4. Abstract summaries should be submitted both in Turkish and English. “Turkish Full Texts” of the accepted abstracts will be collected separately.
5. The maximum number of writers is limited to 12.
6. The space reserved in the submission form is limited to 350 words. The system will not allow more than 350 words.
7. The font to be used for submission is standardized automatically by the system for all papers, and it is not possible to use different fonts.
8. The text should be a single paragraph. Three pictures and three tables can be added. Tables and images should be in JPEG or GIF format.
9. Standard abbreviations are accepted. In case of a special abbreviation, the full expansion of the abbreviation should be written within the parenthesis after the first use only.
10. Papers should include the names, surnames, and institutions of the authors.
11. In order for the papers to be evaluated, at least one of the authors of the abstract must register to the congress.
12. Deadline for submission of abstracts is 24 April 2020.

As the result of the evaluation to be made by the abstract evaluation committee, the authors of the abstracts will be informed via e-mail whether they are entitled to present or not.

Oral Presentations
All oral presentations should be prepared in Microsoft Office Power Point program. Presentations will be projected on the screen. For each oral presentation, a total of 7 minutes will be given; 5 minutes of presentation and 2 minutes of discussion.

Posters should be 90 cm wide, 100 cm tall and prepared to be readable from a distance of at least 1 m. Posters will be displayed on the date and stand number to be determined by the evaluation committee. Posters will be hung between the times indicated on the date to be exhibited and removed between the specified times. Posters not removed during specified times will be collected by the organization secretariat. Officers will be present to assist poster owners.


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